The One Health Group is a quarterly meeting of animal, plant, human and environmental health professionals to discuss One Health related topics in the Circumpolar North.

This webinar was recorded. Click here for the recording of the webinar.


One Health Group

Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday March 12th, 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm Alaska Time

CDC Arctic Investigations Program

4055 Tudor Center Drive 



10:00 - Introductions and Agenda Review, Tom Hennessy, CDC/AIP

10:10 - Presentation - 2018 NOAA Arctic Report Card, Emily Osborne, NOAA    

10:40 - Winter (2018-2019) Arctic Climate Review, Rick Thoman, UAF ACCAP

11:05 - Winter (2018-2019) Arctic One Health Event Review, Mike Brubaker, ANTHC

11:30 - UAF One Health Conference Preview, Arleigh Reynolds

11:40 - Speed Rounds and Discussion

  • Gay Sheffeild Update on Fukushima Water Testing
  • Meredith LaValley on IARPC Updates
  • Tom Hennessy with Zoonotic Disease Prioritization

12:00 - Adjourned 



Next Meeting - Tuesday June 11, 2019