One Health Group

Quarterly Meeting

Tuesday June 11th, 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm Alaska Time

CDC Arctic Investigations Program

4055 Tudor Center Drive 

This webinar was recorded. Click here for the recording of the webinar.


10:00 - Introductions and Agenda Review, Emily Mosites, CDC/AIP

10:05 - Zoonotic Prioritization Workshop Findings / Reflections on One Health Priorities in Alaska and the Arctic, Tom Hennessey, Tom Hennessey    

10:40 - 10:40 UAF One Health Conference Outcomes, Arleigh Reynolds, UAF

11:00 - Spring Alaska / Arctic Climate Review and Summer Forecast Rick Thoman, UAF ACCAP

11:20 - Spring One Health Event Review, Mike Brubaker, ANTHC

11:30 - Speed Rounds and Discussion

  • Kathy Burek Huntington on Gray Whale Mortality Event
  • Christina Ahlstrom on Antibiotic Resistance in Gulls,
  • Andy Ramey on Persistence of Infectious Influenza A in Environment
  • Kayla Schommer on Status of Harmful Algae Statewide and AHAB
  • Kimberlee Beckman on Incidences of Tularemia in Hares during 2019
  • Emily Jenkins on California Serogroup Virus Prevalence in Caribou in Northwest Territories

12:00 - Adjourned 


Next Meeting - Tuesday September10, 2019

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